Beware of Rental Scams

February 27, 2019

With the market being very tight in the GTA, predators are taking advantage of desperate people looking for a rental home. It is common to have bidding wars for a rental due to the shortage.

Did you know that you can employ the services of a real estate professional to help you find a rental with no out of pocket expenses?

Not only do you get these services free, the salesperson or broker has a duty to look out for your best interests. You can be assured that the property you intend to rent out is legitimately owned by the said landlord.

These predators will mostly look on sites such as Kijiji and Craigslist for renters posting that they are looking to rent. They will contact you and try to get your money without giving you anything in return. The biggest red flag is that they won’t usually meet you at the property.

There is one scam where people rent out an AirBnB unit and pose as the Landlord and will actually meet you at the unit and take your money. Then they will disappear without giving you anything and now you are out your deposit.

Please contact a licensed real estate professional to help you find a rental home, so that you can avoid this situation.

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